Selection and training ANT health workers

The Training and Scientific Update Unit organizes and coordinates training courses for doctors, psychologists and nurses selected for inclusion within the health team.
Healthcare providers selected by interview undergo a two week period of orientation and knowledge held at the Bologna headquarters, regardless of the location of the ANT assistance placement.
During the training period, the health care worker trains alongside an ANT tutor (an experienced health worker from the Foundation) in their daily homecare clinical activities for about two months on average. The training course is implemented through days of mentoring by various professionals involved in care (nutritionist, social worker, pharmacist, head of reception, etc.).
In addition to on the job training, lectures are planned and moments of interactive training through group work, case discussions, simulations etc.

Once your suitability has been established you will be placed within a multi-professional healthcare team.

The basic requirements for your candidacy as doctor, nurse or psychologist for home care oncology:

  • The professionals are involved in assisting cancer patients in their homes so it is essential you have access to a car.
  • Any work in ANT is incompatible with positions as employees in the public sector. Freelance contract (VAT).
  • Psychology degree, a registered practitioner and specialization in psychotherapy, preferable experience in oncology, a master’s degree in palliative care or psycho-oncology.
  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Specialist in Palliative Care – 1. equivalent disciplines, anaesthesiology and intensive care, haematology, geriatrics, infectious diseases, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, paediatrics and radiotherapy; 2. professionals who as of 27/12/2013 have gained a minimum of three years experience in the field of palliative care (in a public or accredited private structure).
  • Degree in Nursing, preferable experience in oncology and / or master’s degree in palliative care.

Send your CV, specifying the professional category and the city reference to

Silvia Varani – 051-7190147 – –