Eco-Friendly Projects

The ANT commitment to its statutory objectives is developed according to ethical and solidarity principles, in respect of its own rights, those of others and of the community. The attention that ANT dedicates to the environment falls within this context through its effort to reduce the environmental impact of its daily activities through small and major operational decisions (the use of eco-friendly vehicles, energy saving).

Particular projects were introduced with the aim of protecting the environment and a view to eco-sustainability and kilometer zero where possible, valuing resources that can reduce the production of waste through a suitable practice of re-use, or by favoring the growth of green areas.

Examples of ANT’s ecological commitment are:

  • The Farmaco Amico Project for a controlled recovery of medicines in the Bologna Province

The ANT Foundation is a partner in the Farmaco Amico initiative, an innovative project for the recovery of non-expired medicines that can be used by non-profit organizations. ANT will be the first beneficiary of the project, and will look after its organizational aspects with a correct selection of products by its qualified personnel including volunteers. The project is promoted by Hera, a long term supporter of the Foundation’s activities, and involves several prestigious local entities: the Council of Bologna, Last Minute Market (a spin-off company of Bologna University), the Order of Pharmacists, the Local Health Unit of Bologna, Ascomfarma, Federfarma and AFM, with the aim of creating a solidarity network in the territory.

  • The Forests of Life Project for the development of green areas in the Province of Bologna

The Forests of Life is a wooded oasis dedicated to the memory of the efforts carried out by ANT and the ecological commitment of the Foundation. The trees of the Forests of Life are emblems of ANT’s core values: Eubiosia, the symbol of life, cure and hope, through home care and cancer prevention. Thanks to the Forests of Life, these concepts are reflected through this eco-friendly gesture by planting new trees and taking care of those entrusted to ANT.