What we do

Home assistance
ANT is the most experienced provider of free home care to tumour sufferers in Italy and Europe. Since 1985, ANT has assisted more than 144,000 sufferers, completely free of charge, in 23 home oncology clinics (ODO-ANT) in 11 Italian regions. There are currently 10,000 patients receiving care throughout Italy every year. ANT offers specialized care provided by 491 healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, social-health workers, pharmacists and other employees, who are able to provide patients with round the clock care, 365 days of the year. Since 1988 ANT has teamed this care with a psychology service to provide help, support and comfort to cancer sufferers and their families. Finally, to allow children to benefit from the medical, nursing and psychological care available at home, Bimbi in ANT (ANT for kids), the foundation’s children’s service was launched.

Social support
As far as resources will allow, ANT pays particular attention to the social aspects of care, providing patients’ families with support services such as personal hygiene care, clean bed linen, financial aid to those families in need, and a home library and DVD service. The door-to-door service also allows for the transport of patients from their homes to hospital for routine check-ups, hospital admittance and outpatient treatments.

ANT is committed to cancer prevention with free services available to diagnose early signs of skin cancer, thyroid tumours, and breast and gynaecological neoplasia. The mobile ANT outpatients clinic – “Bus della Prevenzione” (The Prevention Bus) allows the Foundation to provide mobile cancer prevention services. Thanks to the modern equipment on board, the ANT mobile outpatient clinic is able to provide free prevention check-ups, carried out by ANT healthcare specialists. So far, more than 225.000 people have been visited free of charge. The Foundation also runs awareness campaigns in schools.

In line with the programme of Continuing Medical Education (CME), ANT organizes scientific courses and events to provide healthcare workers with their required annual training credits.

The ANT Foundation’s Department for Research and Scientific Development makes great use of a variety of clinical experience, to ensure that the level of care, both medically and in terms of overall wellbeing, is continually optimized.

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