SPAC – Supporting people affected by cancer in their social and professional life

3 years (October 2016 – March 2019)

ERASMUS + program, Call 2016 KA2 – Strategic Partnership for Adult Education


Taking care of people with oncological diseases does not mean only to provide therapeutic treatment, but also involve particular social, economic and working needs due to the condition of fragility caused by the disease.

In the context of cancer care and assistance, these aspects are often missed or ignored.

SPAC aims to increase the social and professional integration of people with cancer, as well as reducing the distress of both patients and their families by training and informing anyone close to them, as patients, family members, operators, volunteers, employers and colleagues.

To this purpouse, the consortium created an online platform, which collects multimedia material designed specifically to meet the social and professional needs of the people suffering from cancer disease.

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Project partners:

  • Instutul Postliceal Phoenix Asociatie, Romania – project coordinator
  • Universitatea de Medicina si Pharmacies Iuliu Hatieganu, Romania
  • Asociatia Pentru Servicii si Communicare in Oncology (APSCO), Romania
  • Institut Inpro As, Czech Republic
  • Cay Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisei, Turkey


3° Annual Meeting - June 2018,  Rize (Turkey)

3° Annual Meeting – June 2018, Rize (Turkey)

3° Annual Meeting - June 2018,  Rize (Turkey)

3° Annual Meeting – June 2018, Rize (Turkey)