International Projects

European projects



  Supporting People Affected by Cancer in their social and professional life

Project’s objective is increasing the cancer patients integration in social and professional life, trying to decrease their and their families distress, strengthening competences of caregivers.

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 – Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge

Project’s long term vision is to “embed” Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles in RPFOs’ policies, practices and processes to organise and do research.

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 – European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

European Partnership for innovation on active and healthy ageing. ANT is member of two groups:

  • A3 (pdf) on prevention of functional and frailty decline and
  • B3 (pdf) on integrated care on cronic deseases.

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 – Impliementation of quality indicators in Palliative Care Study

Project’s objective was enhancing quality indicators in the areas of cancer and dementia care. Carried out in 5 different EU countries, IMPACT results can be successfully transferred in other EU countries, initially not involved.

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