Psychological service

The ANT Psychological and Social Service model has been included in the Good Practices report recently published on the European Commission website as one of the best European experiences of a work group for the prevention of frailty in the elderly.


Neoplastic disease is a particularly delicate moment for the patient and their family members not only from the physical point of view but also psychological, touching on cognitive, emotional, affective, relational and spiritual aspects.

The ANT Psychology Service helps cancer patients and their loved ones face the period of the disease and the mourning stage by including them in the medical-care network of the Foundation. It consists of 20 Psychologists and 8 Psychotherapists working together as a team, encouraging an activity of close cooperation and intercommunication with Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers in the common spirit of operational integration and a global therapeutic method.

The Psychology Service operates on six major fronts:

  • In the clinic characterized by medical consultancy, support and psychotherapy both for cancer patients and their family members, as well as during the grieving process;
  • Within the teams by participating in meetings aimed at the discussion of clinical cases and the prevention of burn-out;
  • In training with an active presence in Psycho-Oncology updates;
  • In volunteering through the selection, training and coordination of volunteers;
  • In the field of research regarding intervention-research related to different issues of psycho-oncology interest;
  • In raising awareness by participating in training sessions on prevention, health education in schools and the promotion of project Eubiosia.

The ANT Psychology Service is available at the following locations:

  1. Bari/Acquaviva
  2. BAT (Molfetta – Trani – Barletta)
  3. Bologna
  4. Brescia
  5. Brindisi
  6. Ferrara
  7. Firenze
  8. Livorno/Valdera
  9. Marche Sud (Civitanova-Recanati-Tolentino)
  10. Modena/Vignola
  11. Napoli
  12. Ostia Lido Roma
  13. Pesaro
  14. Potenza
  15. Taranto/Grottaglie
  16. Urbino
  17. Val D’Agri
  18. Verona

The activity of ANT Psychologists follows the guiding principle of the Foundation, Eubiosia (a term that derives from the greek meaning “good life”); all operators are committed to addressing the loneliness and grief of the patient and their family in order to help them live their lives with dignity, despite the impact of the disease.


Doctor Silvia Varani

Psychology Service National Manager