Nutritional Service

ANT Nutritional Service

Eating is a necessity for every human being,

having the possibility of doing so is a right.


The nutritional status of cancer patients is related to their survival to the point that about a quarter die due to a severe state of malnutrition known as cancer cachexia.

The ANT Nutrition Service was created in 1990 with the aim of improving quality of life and preventing death due to cachexia in those patients who are unable to feed themselves sufficiently by natural means, and who need to be fed by means of Home Artificial Nutrition (parenteral or enteral).

The possibility of performing Artificial Nutrition at home instead of in an inpatient setting (thanks to the placement of a central venous catheter at home from the PICC Service) allows these patients to be able to continue the course of treatment in their family environment surrounded by the affection of their loved ones with the best specialist care. This is also the meaning of Eubiosia (“life in dignity”).

Over the last 28 years, ANT Nutritional Services has assisted thousands of patients whose problems related to feeding difficulties accounted not only for their own physical suffering but also that of their social and family suffering, and to which the response from ANT helped alleviate. Home Artificial Nutrition was launched in 940 patients whose state of malnutrition was such as to adversely affect their clinical progress and therapeutic opportunities, thereby improving their quality of life and survival.


The ANT Nutritional Services is active in Bologna and its province, and consists of:

  • two nutritionist doctors (Dr. Enrico Ruggeri and Dr. Federica Agostini)
  • two dedicated nurses (Marilena Giannantonio).

Watch the video on the management of Nutritional Service.