Oral cavity Project

The oral cavity includes the front two thirds of the tongue, the gums, the inner surface of the cheeks and lips, the hard palate and the area behind the wisdom teeth.

More than 90% of oral cancer originates from squamous epithelial cells



Age: affects the elderly more often

Sex: affects males more often

Smoking: affects heavy smokers

Chewing tobacco

Pipe smokers

Alcohol: occurs more frequently in people who abuse alcohol

Repeated trauma of the inner surface of the mouth as well as the incorrect positioning of dentures

Sun exposure: favors lip cancer



Persistent pain in the mouth

Persistent swelling

Ulcers that do not heal



Around 8,000 people in Italy are affected by this disease every year and more than half die within 5 years. The high mortality rate is mainly due to a late diagnosis. Primary prevention (healthy lifestyles and proper hygiene) and secondary prevention (early detection of precancerous lesions) are essential to fighting this cancer.

We advise undergoing the following:

Annual dental visit:

A VELscope screening-> the VELscope device can irradiate oral cavity tissues with a high intensity light that stimulates the natural fluorescence of the tissues. The variations of the natural fluorescence of healthy tissues generally reflect biochemical or structural changes that may indicate the presence of suspicious lesions.

A biopsy of suspicious lesions for their histological evaluation is recommended

The Foundation’s ORAL CAVITY PROJECT aims to provide free dental examinations (Visit + VELscope screening) in order to have an early diagnosis of suspicious lesions, so as to intervene in the most appropriate and timely way possible.

Check-ups are offered for free by appointment thanks to the funds / resources / donations that the Foundation is able to devote to this sector. Check-ups are performed at these clinics:

the ANT Institute in Bologna